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Shri. M Prabhakar Rao, CMD, NSL re-elected as President, NSAI
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Bihar Agriculture Minister visit to NSL
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Visit of Shri. Surya Pratap Shahi, Agri. Minister, UP
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RO Water Plant installation at ZPHS, Arugolanu under CSR SKV
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Free Dental Camp at ZPHS, Kompally under CSR SKV
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New Exclusive Cotton Products Launch
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Maharastra Annual Distributors conference
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Visit of Shri Subodh Uniyal, Agriculture Minister, Uttarakhand
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Maharashtra Distributors Meet 2018
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Telangana Distributors Meet 2018
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CSR activity at Dullapally on 23rd Feb,2018
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CSR activity at Vijayrai on 23rd Feb,2018
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Participation in IMI mobile Digital conclave on 19th Feb,2018
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CSR activity at Aurangabad on 9th Feb,2018
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CSR activity at Karimnagar on 26th Jan,2018
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CSR activity at Nandigam on 25th Jan,2018
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CSR activity at Kothuru on 19th Jan, 2018
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CSR activity at Kalakal on 28th Dec,2017
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Nuziveedu Bondaalu Product Launch
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Quest 2017- The challenge of change
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Mega Okra MYNA 24 Crop show, Neelganj, North 24 Pargana. West Bengal
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Duel Desks distribution to Government Schools under CSR activity
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Mega Okra MYNA 24 Crop show, Vyara, Gujarat – 06/06/2017
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Distributors Conference -13-05-2017
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6th M.S. Swaminathan Award Function – 14-04-2017
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Indian Seed Congress 12 – 14 February 2017
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Delegates from Africa & U.S.A
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New paddy seeds experiment pays off
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NSL Stall at Agro Vision National Expo, Nagpur
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Visit of delegates from UK
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Nuziveedu seeds stall at Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet
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Hyderabad cueist aims to make a mark in world championship
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APSA delegates Visit
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African Delegates Visit
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Nuziveedu Seeds stall display at ICRISAT on the occasion of Farmers Day
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NSL distributed Eco friendly Ganesh Idols on the occasion of “Ganesh Chaturthi”
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Independence day celebration at NSL Corporate Office
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Training workshop for Production team held at Kandlakoya
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Independence day celebration at NSL Corporate Office
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SEASON CLOSING FUNCTION at Processing Plant, Lucknow
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Pre season farmer meeting on cauliflower
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Season closing function – Bargarh
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Season closing function at Kompally plant
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Season closing function at Karimnagar plant
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Super Star club distributors meet, Hongkong
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Preseason farmer meeting on Okra
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Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at GoldCoast
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NSL- Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at Dubai
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Okra (Marvel) crop show
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Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at Dubai on 24.04.16
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NSL-STAR CLUB: Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at Dubai on 24.04.16
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Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at Dubai on 24.04.16
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Union minister for Shipping and Road Transport Shri Nitin Gadkari visiting NSL stall during Agrovision Exhibition held at Nagpur from 11th to 14th December 2015.
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The congress is the Flagship event of Asia-Pacific Seed Association (APSA) was held at Goa from 16th to 20th November 2015.
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Shri M.Prabhakar Rao, CMD, Nuziveedu Seeds addressing the “Indo German Bilateral Cooperation on Seed Sector”.
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14 Delegates from Sudan country visited our Kothur plant on 18th November 2015.
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Nuziveeduseeds National Safety Day Campaign
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Nuziveeduseeds Medical Camp
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Blood donation camp on 30 th Dec 2014
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NSL staff actively participating in Swacch Bharat cleanliness drive at Kothur Plant.
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Visit of Mr.Harish Manwani,Global Executive Adviser, ISTA Seed Testing laboratory Kompally
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On 30.09.15 about 28 students of Agricultural Business Management from Prof. Jayashankar Telangala State
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About 60 Bachelor of Business Administration students of Siva Sivani Degree College, Kompally, visited Kothur
Read More:                                                                     29 th July
Mr Md Abu Taher, Proprietor & Mr NMM Salauddin, CEO of United Seed Store, Dhaka,
Read More:                                                                    17 th June
We had successfully completed the cotton processing, packing, and dispatch programme of this season at
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On 25.05.15 Sri Anish Damania, Co-CEO & Amol Dhariya, Director of IDFC Securities visited Kothur
Read More:                                                                    25 th May
On 19.05.15 Sri Arnab Kumar Hazra, Director, FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and
Read More:                                                                     19 th May
Mr.Sudhir Chandra Nath, Programme Head, Seed and Agro Enterprise, BRAC, Dhaka, Bangladesh & Dr.Manish Patel,
Read More:                                                                    05 th May
About 25 Officials of Kribhco & Agriculture Primary Marketing Committee from Gujarat State visited our
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About 18 member of Trainees from Prof Jayashankar Telangana State Agriculture University, Seed Research &
Read More:                                                                    26 th Feb
Mrs COULIBALY Maimouna SIDIBE, Promotor / Director, FASO KABA, Bamako-Mali, Mr Abel TITE, Ingenieur Agronomist,
Read More:                                                                     17 th Feb
On 25th January 2015 about 20 Agriculture Officers & Assistant Directors of Department of Agriculture
Read More:                                                                    27 th Jan
Mr. Abhanshu C Jain, Joint Director, Extension and Nodal Head RKVY and NFSM, Mr. Sanat
Read More:                                                                     21 st Jan
Dr J S Brar, Director of Seeds, Dr R K Gumber, Additional Director of Research
Read More:                                                                    21 st Jan
Mr Mahesh Barman, Asst. Director of Agriculture, Mr Homeswar Kalita, Asst. Director of Agriculture, Mr
Read More:                                                                    29 th Dec
The prestigious 5th M S Swaminathan Award Function was organized in Hyderabad on 16th November
Read More:                                                                    17 th Nov
The Asia Pacific Seed Congress-2014 organized by Asia Pacific Seeds Association (APSA) was held at
Read More:                                                                    15 th Nov
Mr. Dhere, Chief Quality Control Officer, Pune, Maharashtra & Mr. Kawade, QCO visited our plant
Read More:                                                                    01 st Nov
Nuziveedu Seeds had filed a Suit against Proline Seeds Company India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
Read More:                                                                   10 th Oct
We are proud to announce that the Virtualization and Cloud Computing technology at NSL Group
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We organized a field day on 22nd September for promoting Direct Sown Rice system at
Read More:                                                                   24 th Sep
Dr. Lawrence Kenyon & Mr. Samrat Laha from AVRDC-The World Vegetable Centre, Taiwan visited our
Read More:                                                                    19 th Sep
About 20 Agriculture Officers from Directorate of Agriculture & Food Production, Government of Odisha, visited
Read More:                                                                    15 th Sep
Twelve Agriculture Officers from Odisha State visited our Kothur Plant on 26.08.14. They were accompanied
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10 Officers from Development Bank of Ethopia visited our Kothur plant on 18.08.14. These officers
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About 65 Bachelor of Business Administration students visited Kothur PlVisit of Odisha State Seed Certification Agency Officersant on 12.08.14 as a part

Read More:                                                 12 th Aug

About 20 Agriculture Officers from Seed Certifications Agency of Odisha state visited our Kothur Plant
Read More:                                                                   09 th Aug
Our Egyptian clients Dr. Abubakar S Nadheer, CEO, Green India Exports Private Limited and Mr.
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The Andhra Pradesh government wants to build the new capital as a vibrant, inclusive city
Read More:                                                                 22 nd July
A team of two members – Ms. Florina Palada and Ms. Rita Zecchinelli form ISTA
Read More:                                                                 07 th June
Nuziveedu Seeds conducted vegetables annual internal meet, which has reviewed the year that has gone
Read More:                                                                 02 nd May
Dr. N V Naidu, Director of Seeds, Acharya NG Ranga Agriculture University, Hyderabad visited NSL
Read More:                                                                 25 th April
In the month of March 2014, a team Agricultural Scientists headed by Dr A Padmasree,
Read More:                                                                  07 th April
INCOTEC delegates team including Ms. Melissa Mocking, Research Technology Specialist, Netherlands & Dr Manish Patel,
Read More:                                                                    02 nd April
A eight member delegation team from Srilanka have visited our Kothur Plant. The team members
Read More:                                                              13 th March
NSL has inaugurated India’s biggest cob drying unit with a capacity of 1500MT in the
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Nuziveedu Seeds participated in the recently held Indian Seed Congress 2014, the fifth edition of
Read More:                                                                   24 th Feb
Nuziveedu Seeds participated in “Krishi Vasant”, held at Nagpur between February 9th – 13th 2014.
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NSL Group’s flagship company, Nuziveedu Seeds, the largest Indian Seeds company has received ‘Bio Excellence
Read More:                                                                    14 th Feb
NSL Group’s flagship business Nuziveedu Seeds Limited, India’s largest seeds company, inaugurated the state-of-the-art delinting
Read More:                                                                    10 th Feb
On 29th of January, a team of 30 trainees headed by Smt. J Jhansi Rani,
Read More:                                                                   30 th Jan
On the occasion of new year NSL employees at Aurangabad in Maharashtra plant have taken
Read More:                                                                    22 nd Jan
NSL Group’s flagship business Nuziveedu Seeds, the largest Indian seed company has been conferred with
Read More:                                                                    30 th Dec
NSL’s board of directors Dr. Pamidi Kotaiah, Mr. Mandavilli Bhaskara Nageswararao and Mr. Utpal Sengupta
Read More:                                                                    30 th Dec
Mr. Atanu Purkayastha, Joint Secretary, Agriculture (Technical Mission on Cotton), New Delhi, along with his
Read More:                                                                   24 th Dec
As part of their curriculum, students of business management course from RK Business Management School,
Read More:                                                                    20 th Dec
As part of their curriculum, 56 students of business management course from Siva Sivani Degree
Read More:                                                                     6 th Dec
A 12-member team from supply chain management (SCM) and quality department headed by Mr. S
Read More:                                                                    20 th Nov
Tanzania delegate team including Mr. Juma Ali Juma (Msc.AED), Deputy Principal Secretary (Agriculture) & Dr
Read More:                                                                     15 th Nov
Nuziveedu Seeds participated in the recently held World Agriculture Forum (WAF) in Hyderabad between November
Read More:                                                                    13 th Nov
Nuziveedu Seeds Chairman Mr. M Prabhakar Rao and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Ramesh Viswanathan visited
Read More:                                                                   07 th Nov
On 22nd October, a Philippine delegation team, Mr. EDMUND E.MENDOZA & another lady Scientist Ms.ADELINA
Read More:                                                                    28 th Oct
A team of research officials from Vietnam headed by Mr. Dang Trong Luong, Vice Director,
Read More:                                                                     17 th Oct
On 5th of October 2013, a team of 30 delegates from ICRISAT have visited the
Read More:                                                                    05 th Oct
Lucknow: The 6th National Seed Congress was held in Lucknow last week. It dwelt on
Read More:                                                                     20 th Sep
On Monday, a Nigerian delegation team, Mr. Damilola Eniaiyeju, Director- Federal Ministry of Agriculture and
Read More:                                                                    18 th Sep
Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd (NSL) is the largest hybrid seed producer in the country. It is
Read More:                                                                  19 th Aug
National Seed Association of India (NSAI) which represents the private & public sector seeds companies
Read More:                                                                    01 st Aug
Mr. Dr. R.R. Hanchinal, Chairperson, PPV & FR authority, New Delhi and Dr. N.K. Dadlani,
Read More:                                                                   21 st July
On 2nd July 2013 our Kompally plant season closing function took place at Mandava Cold
Read More:                                                                    05 th July
The Annual Season Closing Function was held on 26.06.13 at Kothur. About 800 workers, 200
Read More:                                                                  26 th June
We have successfully completed Annual Function at Sawangi Plant, Aurangabad on 13.06.2013 celebrating season closing
Read More:                                                                    19 th June
Encouraged by the successful response of Public Private Partnership Project in Kharif 2012-13 conducted in
Read More:                                                                    08 th June
Entrepreneur magazine, Indian arm of the popular American Entrepreneur publication has featured a story on
Read More:                                                                    th May
Our Chairman participated in International Conference on “Challenges Facing Indian Cotton”, which was held at
Read More:                                                                     15 th April
Being the leader in the Indian Seed Industry Nuziveedu Seeds has always kept itself ahead
Read More:                                                                    10 th April
PPP project on Cotton farming successful in Maharashtra Govt of Maharashtra has chosen Nuziveedu Seeds
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CMD shares his view about Seed Industry’s contribution to agricultural transformation in India Seed congress
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From a turnover of around 100 crore in 2001-2002, Hyderabad-based Nuziveedu seeds(NSL) has increased its
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Faced with stagnating yields from Bt cotton hybrids, seed makers are now advocating high-density planting
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NSL Group’s flagship business Nuziveedu Seeds unveiled its new brand identity at the Indian Seed
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Department of Agriculture & Department of Food Processing Industries & Horticulture, Government of West Bengal
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Hyderabad, 5th February, 2013 – Nuziveedu Seeds Limited, one of the leading Indian Seeds company
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Leading English daily, Deccan Chronicle (DC) published a story of our beloved Chairman’s family with
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Hyderabad, 18th December, 2012 – Nuziveedu Seeds Limited (NSL), the leading Indian Seeds company, has
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Nuziveedu Seeds believes that its success has been due to not only their superior products
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Dr Sudheer Kumar Goel, Principal Secretary – Agriculture and Marketing (Additional Charge) Marketing Cooperation, Maharashtra
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It’s raining awards for NSL. In addition to the recent Agriculture Leadershipand CIO 100 awards,
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From biotech labs to germplasm banks to seed farms and processing factories, seeds travel a
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The prestigious award instituted under the Chairmanship of Prof. M S Swaminathan, the Father of
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17th Annual general meeting of the Seedsmen association held in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Honourable Minister
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The mission of the ISF is to facilitate the international movement of seed, related know-how
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The International hybrid rice symposium held at Taj Krishna from 10-09-2012 to 12-09-2012 Hyderabad was
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CIO magazine honors NSL for technology innovation NSL Group has been named to CIO magazine’s
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Nuziveedu Seeds hosted the Action Group meeting (Part of the March Symposium organized in Jalgaon
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Under PPP mode Govt. of Maharashtra has signed one agreement with Nuziveedu Seeds Private Ltd
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Our Chairman Mr M Prabhakar Rao and Dr P Sateesh Kumar, Director attended World Seed
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Our flagship company, Nuziveedu Seeds sponsors the prestigious M S Swaminathan award, which is the
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E-seal video- eSeal™ is world’s first integrated brand protection and promotion solution. eSeal™ help thousands
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Nuziveedu Seeds inaugurated its first integrated plant of cotton in Aurangabad on 30th Jan 2012.
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Nuziveedu Seeds has participated in Indian Seed Congress-2012 which was organized on 10th and 11th
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Nuziveedu Seeds has actively participated in Asian Seeds Congress -2012 which was held in Pattaya,
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Nuziveedu Seeds has started to implement the Bar coding technology for making better track of
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Our Chairman Mr. M. Prabhakar Rao was invited by Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen
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eSeal™ is world’s first integrated brand protection and promotion solution. eSeal™ help thousands of businesses
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