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The prestigious 7thDr. MS Swaminathan Award for the period 2017-2019 was awarded to Dr. V Praveen Rao, the Vice Chancellor of Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University
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Retailer Loyalty Program
Retailers are the first interface between farmers and our products. In line with  our continuous improvement philosophy, NSL’s management has initiated the Retailer Loyalty Rewards and Engagement  program for further enhancing the relationship with our channel network.
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NMH-8352 Winner a New maize hybrid launched to the farmers by the management of Nuziveedu seeds limited on 30th Sept 2020 through social media flat form.  Nearly 5000 farmers viewed this programme and media coverage came in 5 Telugu news channels, one Hindi news channel and 2 telugu news papers.

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Nearly 8000 retailers received Loyalty Rewards under the NSL Vyapara Mitra program for the year 2019-20.

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COVID Precautions @ NSL

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Pneumatic Precision Planter sowing for promoting high density planting in Cotton

Pneumatic Precision Planter sowing for promoting high density planting in Cotton
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Our co-branded retail shop boards implemented in Karnataka

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Training On Biotechnological Advancements
Dr Sheshu Madav, Principal Scientist (Biotechnology) from Indian Institute of Rice Research given training on biotechnological advancements in rice crop especially marker assisted breeding for biotic and abiotic stress in Rice.
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Our Honorable  Chairman and Managing Director Shri Mandava Prabhakar Rao garu and Director Mandava Venkatram Chowdary garu met Honorable Chief Minister – Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Shri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy garu and contributed Rs 50 lakhs cheque and Rs 1 crore worth of sanitizer towards CM relief fund for supporting COVID-19 efforts.

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Product Launches
Global Agri Genetics India Private Limited (GAPL), a 100% owned subsidiary company of Nuziveedu Seeds Limited has launched three new growth promoting biological products through the hands of our beloved Chairman and Managing Director Shri M Prabhakar Rao garu at NSL corporate office, Hyderabad.
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Nuziveedu Seeds Limited distributed ration kits to Police personnel and agricultural workers through the hands of  Shri Abbayya Chowdary garu MLA at their Vijayarai processing plant , West Godavari district , Andhra Pradesh.
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CM relief fund to – COVID-19 pandemic Our Nuziveedu Seeds Limited (NSL) group Chairman, Shri Mandava Prabhakar Rao garu and Director Mandava Venkatram Chowdary garu met Hon. Minister of IT and Municipal Administration – Govt. of Telangana, Shri KT Rama Rao garu and contributed Rs 1.5 Crores towards CM relief fund to support Government efforts in containing COVID-19 pandemic.
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Shri. M Prabhakar Rao, CMD, NSL re-elected as President, NSAI
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Bihar Agriculture Minister visit to NSL
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Visit of Shri. Surya Pratap Shahi, Agri. Minister, UP
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RO Water Plant installation at ZPHS, Arugolanu under CSR SKV
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Free Dental Camp at ZPHS, Kompally under CSR SKV
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New Exclusive Cotton Products Launch
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Maharastra Annual Distributors conference
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Visit of Shri Subodh Uniyal, Agriculture Minister, Uttarakhand
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Maharashtra Distributors Meet 2018
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Telangana Distributors Meet 2018
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CSR activity at Dullapally on 23rd Feb,2018
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CSR activity at Vijayrai on 23rd Feb,2018
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Participation in IMI mobile Digital conclave on 19th Feb,2018
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CSR activity at Aurangabad on 9th Feb,2018
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CSR activity at Karimnagar on 26th Jan,2018
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CSR activity at Nandigam on 25th Jan,2018
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CSR activity at Kothuru on 19th Jan, 2018
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CSR activity at Kalakal on 28th Dec,2017
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Nuziveedu Bondaalu Product Launch
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Quest 2017- The challenge of change
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Mega Okra MYNA 24 Crop show, Neelganj, North 24 Pargana. West Bengal
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Duel Desks distribution to Government Schools under CSR activity
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Mega Okra MYNA 24 Crop show, Vyara, Gujarat – 06/06/2017
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Distributors Conference -13-05-2017
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6th M.S. Swaminathan Award Function – 14-04-2017
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Indian Seed Congress 12 – 14 February 2017
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Delegates from Africa & U.S.A
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New paddy seeds experiment pays off
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NSL Stall at Agro Vision National Expo, Nagpur
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Visit of delegates from UK
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Nuziveedu seeds stall at Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet
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Hyderabad cueist aims to make a mark in world championship
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APSA delegates Visit
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African Delegates Visit
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Nuziveedu Seeds stall display at ICRISAT on the occasion of Farmers Day
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NSL distributed Eco friendly Ganesh Idols on the occasion of “Ganesh Chaturthi”
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Independence day celebration at NSL Corporate Office
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Training workshop for Production team held at Kandlakoya
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Independence day celebration at NSL Corporate Office
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SEASON CLOSING FUNCTION at Processing Plant, Lucknow
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Pre season farmer meeting on cauliflower
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Season closing function – Bargarh
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Season closing function at Kompally plant
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Season closing function at Karimnagar plant
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Super Star club distributors meet, Hongkong
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Preseason farmer meeting on Okra
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Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at GoldCoast
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NSL- Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at Dubai
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Okra (Marvel) crop show
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Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at Dubai on 24.04.16
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NSL-STAR CLUB: Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at Dubai on 24.04.16
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Annual Business Conference-Aarohan 2016 held at Dubai on 24.04.16
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Union minister for Shipping and Road Transport Shri Nitin Gadkari visiting NSL stall during Agrovision Exhibition held at Nagpur from 11th to 14th December 2015.
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The congress is the Flagship event of Asia-Pacific Seed Association (APSA) was held at Goa from 16th to 20th November 2015.
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Shri M.Prabhakar Rao, CMD, Nuziveedu Seeds addressing the “Indo German Bilateral Cooperation on Seed Sector”.
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14 Delegates from Sudan country visited our Kothur plant on 18th November 2015.
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Nuziveeduseeds National Safety Day Campaign
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Nuziveeduseeds Medical Camp
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Blood donation camp on 30 th Dec 2014
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NSL staff actively participating in Swacch Bharat cleanliness drive at Kothur Plant.
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Visit of Mr.Harish Manwani,Global Executive Adviser, ISTA Seed Testing laboratory Kompally
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On 30.09.15 about 28 students of Agricultural Business Management from Prof. Jayashankar Telangala State
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About 60 Bachelor of Business Administration students of Siva Sivani Degree College, Kompally, visited Kothur
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Mr Md Abu Taher, Proprietor & Mr NMM Salauddin, CEO of United Seed Store, Dhaka,
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We had successfully completed the cotton processing, packing, and dispatch programme of this season at
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On 25.05.15 Sri Anish Damania, Co-CEO & Amol Dhariya, Director of IDFC Securities visited Kothur
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On 19.05.15 Sri Arnab Kumar Hazra, Director, FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and
Read More:                                                                     19 th May
Mr.Sudhir Chandra Nath, Programme Head, Seed and Agro Enterprise, BRAC, Dhaka, Bangladesh & Dr.Manish Patel,
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About 25 Officials of Kribhco & Agriculture Primary Marketing Committee from Gujarat State visited our
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About 18 member of Trainees from Prof Jayashankar Telangana State Agriculture University, Seed Research &
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Mrs COULIBALY Maimouna SIDIBE, Promotor / Director, FASO KABA, Bamako-Mali, Mr Abel TITE, Ingenieur Agronomist,
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On 25th January 2015 about 20 Agriculture Officers & Assistant Directors of Department of Agriculture
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Mr. Abhanshu C Jain, Joint Director, Extension and Nodal Head RKVY and NFSM, Mr. Sanat
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Dr J S Brar, Director of Seeds, Dr R K Gumber, Additional Director of Research
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Mr Mahesh Barman, Asst. Director of Agriculture, Mr Homeswar Kalita, Asst. Director of Agriculture, Mr
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The prestigious 5th M S Swaminathan Award Function was organized in Hyderabad on 16th November
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The Asia Pacific Seed Congress-2014 organized by Asia Pacific Seeds Association (APSA) was held at
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Mr. Dhere, Chief Quality Control Officer, Pune, Maharashtra & Mr. Kawade, QCO visited our plant
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Nuziveedu Seeds had filed a Suit against Proline Seeds Company India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
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We are proud to announce that the Virtualization and Cloud Computing technology at NSL Group
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We organized a field day on 22nd September for promoting Direct Sown Rice system at
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Dr. Lawrence Kenyon & Mr. Samrat Laha from AVRDC-The World Vegetable Centre, Taiwan visited our
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About 20 Agriculture Officers from Directorate of Agriculture & Food Production, Government of Odisha, visited
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Twelve Agriculture Officers from Odisha State visited our Kothur Plant on 26.08.14. They were accompanied
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10 Officers from Development Bank of Ethopia visited our Kothur plant on 18.08.14. These officers
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About 65 Bachelor of Business Administration students visited Kothur PlVisit of Odisha State Seed Certification Agency Officersant on 12.08.14 as a part

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About 20 Agriculture Officers from Seed Certifications Agency of Odisha state visited our Kothur Plant
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Our Egyptian clients Dr. Abubakar S Nadheer, CEO, Green India Exports Private Limited and Mr.
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The Andhra Pradesh government wants to build the new capital as a vibrant, inclusive city
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A team of two members – Ms. Florina Palada and Ms. Rita Zecchinelli form ISTA
Read More:                                                                 07 th June
Nuziveedu Seeds conducted vegetables annual internal meet, which has reviewed the year that has gone
Read More:                                                                 02 nd May
Dr. N V Naidu, Director of Seeds, Acharya NG Ranga Agriculture University, Hyderabad visited NSL
Read More:                                                                 25 th April
In the month of March 2014, a team Agricultural Scientists headed by Dr A Padmasree,
Read More:                                                                  07 th April
INCOTEC delegates team including Ms. Melissa Mocking, Research Technology Specialist, Netherlands & Dr Manish Patel,
Read More:                                                                    02 nd April
A eight member delegation team from Srilanka have visited our Kothur Plant. The team members
Read More:                                                              13 th March
NSL has inaugurated India’s biggest cob drying unit with a capacity of 1500MT in the
Read More:                                                                    05 th March
Nuziveedu Seeds participated in the recently held Indian Seed Congress 2014, the fifth edition of
Read More:                                                                   24 th Feb
Nuziveedu Seeds participated in “Krishi Vasant”, held at Nagpur between February 9th – 13th 2014.
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NSL Group’s flagship company, Nuziveedu Seeds, the largest Indian Seeds company has received ‘Bio Excellence
Read More:                                                                    14 th Feb
NSL Group’s flagship business Nuziveedu Seeds Limited, India’s largest seeds company, inaugurated the state-of-the-art delinting
Read More:                                                                    10 th Feb
On 29th of January, a team of 30 trainees headed by Smt. J Jhansi Rani,
Read More:                                                                   30 th Jan
On the occasion of new year NSL employees at Aurangabad in Maharashtra plant have taken
Read More:                                                                    22 nd Jan
NSL Group’s flagship business Nuziveedu Seeds, the largest Indian seed company has been conferred with
Read More:                                                                    30 th Dec
NSL’s board of directors Dr. Pamidi Kotaiah, Mr. Mandavilli Bhaskara Nageswararao and Mr. Utpal Sengupta
Read More:                                                                    30 th Dec
Mr. Atanu Purkayastha, Joint Secretary, Agriculture (Technical Mission on Cotton), New Delhi, along with his
Read More:                                                                   24 th Dec
As part of their curriculum, students of business management course from RK Business Management School,
Read More:                                                                    20 th Dec
As part of their curriculum, 56 students of business management course from Siva Sivani Degree
Read More:                                                                     6 th Dec
A 12-member team from supply chain management (SCM) and quality department headed by Mr. S
Read More:                                                                    20 th Nov
Tanzania delegate team including Mr. Juma Ali Juma (Msc.AED), Deputy Principal Secretary (Agriculture) & Dr
Read More:                                                                     15 th Nov
Nuziveedu Seeds participated in the recently held World Agriculture Forum (WAF) in Hyderabad between November
Read More:                                                                    13 th Nov
Nuziveedu Seeds Chairman Mr. M Prabhakar Rao and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Ramesh Viswanathan visited
Read More:                                                                   07 th Nov
On 22nd October, a Philippine delegation team, Mr. EDMUND E.MENDOZA & another lady Scientist Ms.ADELINA
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A team of research officials from Vietnam headed by Mr. Dang Trong Luong, Vice Director,
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On 5th of October 2013, a team of 30 delegates from ICRISAT have visited the
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Lucknow: The 6th National Seed Congress was held in Lucknow last week. It dwelt on
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On Monday, a Nigerian delegation team, Mr. Damilola Eniaiyeju, Director- Federal Ministry of Agriculture and
Read More:                                                                    18 th Sep
Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd (NSL) is the largest hybrid seed producer in the country. It is
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National Seed Association of India (NSAI) which represents the private & public sector seeds companies
Read More:                                                                    01 st Aug
Mr. Dr. R.R. Hanchinal, Chairperson, PPV & FR authority, New Delhi and Dr. N.K. Dadlani,
Read More:                                                                   21 st July
On 2nd July 2013 our Kompally plant season closing function took place at Mandava Cold
Read More:                                                                    05 th July
The Annual Season Closing Function was held on 26.06.13 at Kothur. About 800 workers, 200
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We have successfully completed Annual Function at Sawangi Plant, Aurangabad on 13.06.2013 celebrating season closing
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Encouraged by the successful response of Public Private Partnership Project in Kharif 2012-13 conducted in
Read More:                                                                    08 th June
Entrepreneur magazine, Indian arm of the popular American Entrepreneur publication has featured a story on
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Our Chairman participated in International Conference on “Challenges Facing Indian Cotton”, which was held at
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Being the leader in the Indian Seed Industry Nuziveedu Seeds has always kept itself ahead
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PPP project on Cotton farming successful in Maharashtra Govt of Maharashtra has chosen Nuziveedu Seeds
Read More:                                                                   13 th March
CMD shares his view about Seed Industry’s contribution to agricultural transformation in India Seed congress
Read More:                                                                    12 th March
From a turnover of around 100 crore in 2001-2002, Hyderabad-based Nuziveedu seeds(NSL) has increased its
Read More:                                                                     22 nd Feb
Faced with stagnating yields from Bt cotton hybrids, seed makers are now advocating high-density planting
Read More:                                                                    19 th Feb
NSL Group’s flagship business Nuziveedu Seeds unveiled its new brand identity at the Indian Seed
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Department of Agriculture & Department of Food Processing Industries & Horticulture, Government of West Bengal
Read More:                                                                    07 th Feb
Hyderabad, 5th February, 2013 – Nuziveedu Seeds Limited, one of the leading Indian Seeds company
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Leading English daily, Deccan Chronicle (DC) published a story of our beloved Chairman’s family with
Read More:                                                                    27 th Jan
Hyderabad, 18th December, 2012 – Nuziveedu Seeds Limited (NSL), the leading Indian Seeds company, has
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Nuziveedu Seeds believes that its success has been due to not only their superior products
Read More:                                                                    10 th Nov
Dr Sudheer Kumar Goel, Principal Secretary – Agriculture and Marketing (Additional Charge) Marketing Cooperation, Maharashtra
Read More:                                                                     25 th Oct
It’s raining awards for NSL. In addition to the recent Agriculture Leadershipand CIO 100 awards,
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From biotech labs to germplasm banks to seed farms and processing factories, seeds travel a
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The prestigious award instituted under the Chairmanship of Prof. M S Swaminathan, the Father of
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17th Annual general meeting of the Seedsmen association held in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Honourable Minister
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The mission of the ISF is to facilitate the international movement of seed, related know-how
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The International hybrid rice symposium held at Taj Krishna from 10-09-2012 to 12-09-2012 Hyderabad was
Read More:                                                                     10 th Sep
CIO magazine honors NSL for technology innovation NSL Group has been named to CIO magazine’s
Read More:                                                                    th Sep
Nuziveedu Seeds hosted the Action Group meeting (Part of the March Symposium organized in Jalgaon
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Under PPP mode Govt. of Maharashtra has signed one agreement with Nuziveedu Seeds Private Ltd
Read More:                                                                    15 th June
Our Chairman Mr M Prabhakar Rao and Dr P Sateesh Kumar, Director attended World Seed
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Our flagship company, Nuziveedu Seeds sponsors the prestigious M S Swaminathan award, which is the
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E-seal video- eSeal™ is world’s first integrated brand protection and promotion solution. eSeal™ help thousands
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Nuziveedu Seeds inaugurated its first integrated plant of cotton in Aurangabad on 30th Jan 2012.
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Nuziveedu Seeds has participated in Indian Seed Congress-2012 which was organized on 10th and 11th
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Nuziveedu Seeds has actively participated in Asian Seeds Congress -2012 which was held in Pattaya,
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Nuziveedu Seeds has started to implement the Bar coding technology for making better track of
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Our Chairman Mr. M. Prabhakar Rao was invited by Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen
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eSeal™ is world’s first integrated brand protection and promotion solution. eSeal™ help thousands of businesses
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