Visit of INCOTEC delegates to Kothur

INCOTEC delegates team including Ms. Melissa Mocking, Research Technology Specialist, Netherlands & Dr Manish Patel, Executive Director, India, Ahmedabad visited Kothur plant on 5th March 2014. They were accompanied by S R M Prasad, GM-SCM & Sri Ch Nageswara Rao, AGM-P&P, who explained all the seed processing activities like Cleaning, drying, Seed testing, chemical treatment and packing.

At Kothur, Seed is coated by using various polymers, insecticides and fungicides to protect from the soil or seed born diseases. They also visited the conditioned storage unit where the seed is kept viable by maintain the required temperature and humidity. They are very much delighted with the facilities at the kothur plant.

Some More Pictures of the Event