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Sustainable Agriculture

The pathway for a Hunger Free and Ever green Eco-friendly India

Sustainable Agriculture –Second Green Revolution- National Food Security

The natural resource base which provides for sustainable agriculture production is shrinking and degrading, and in turn adversely affecting the production capacity of the ecosystem. However, demand for agriculture is rising rapidly with increase in population and per capita income and growing demand from the industrial sector. Therefore there There is an urgent need to identify the severity of the problem confronting the agriculture sector to restore its vitality and put it back on higher growth trajectory. The problems however are surmountable, particularly, when new advances in science and technology have started offering tremendous opportunities for application in agriculture. However, the agriculture sector needs a different outlook altogether to become self –sustainable in the long run that includes the involvement of private sector and developing linkages with the market.

Nuziveedu Seeds believes in sustainable agriculture development and our scientists are making earnest efforts to come out with innovative products and technologies that help produce more with fewer resources. Here are few examples where we have played a crucial role in sustainable development

A few years ago, 51% of the total pesticides of India were being used to control the pests in cotton. But after the introduction of Bt cotton hybrids, the use of pesticides has been reduced considerably due to increased pest and disease resistance of the crops. With a 28% market share in Bt cotton seeds, Nuziveedu Seeds has contributed significantly towards saving in pesticides consumption, helping in reducing chemical pollution and preserving the environment. To address other constraints like water and labor shortage, Nuziveedu Seeds is experimenting with the Direct Seeded Rice Technology which is a method of rice production with reduced water usage.

Bt Cotton also has generated increased economic benefits for farmers by increasing their farm income and halving insecticide input costs. Nuziveedu Seed’s Bt cotton hybrids have contributed and transformed rural India by helping the farmers to earn more which in turn lead to improved standards of living in rural areas.

Our seeds are used by nearly 7 million farmers in India and generate an amount of Rupees 4200 billion crores which help them to be economically and socially stable and develop the rural India as well.

Besides higher monetary benefits due to higher yields in cotton, the socio economic indicators like increase in the health checkups, timely vaccinations for infants/children and higher enrollments of children in schools in rural India indicate the impact of using better farming practices and better farm inputs in the form of Bt crops. These improvements in rural lifestyles are as a result of increase in income due to Bt cotton Cultivation and the magnitude of impact which Nuziveedu Seed’s Bt Cotton hybrids have been able to create among the farming community.

Recognizing the contribution made by Nuziveedu Seeds’s Bt cotton hybrids to the community, the Bio spectrum- ABLE study in 2008, 2010, 2011 have identified NSPL as the largest distributor of the Bt hybrids cotton seeds and hence awarded NSPL the “Best Bio-Agri Company” award.

As of this year, our seeds are used by nearly 5.5 million farmers in India which help them fetch better prices due to quality output and higher yield.

The Bio spectrum- ABLE study, consecutively for three years (2008, 2010, 2011), has identified Nuziveedu Seeds as the largest distributor of the Bt hybrids cotton seeds and has awarded Nuziveedu Seeds the “Best Bio-Agri Company” award.