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http://ortdestreffens.de/?yabloko=avatrade-de&fc2=46 With over 72% of the total population* of India being the rural population, the principal means livelihood for over 58.4% of India’s population is based on agriculture. * *. Hence in spite of declining Contribution to GDP 18.2% in 2005-06 to 15% in 2011-12* * *, agriculture is still considered as the GROWTH ENGINE of Indian economy.


come guadagnare 9000 euro al mese Agriculture is demographically the broadest economic sector and plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic fabric of India. The 2020 vision of agricultural development is to transform agriculture into a vocation which is economically viable and globally competitive so as to enable every farmer, big or small, to experience substantial increase in the income in a foreseeable future. These increased incomes of the farmers can have a positive impact of improving the lifestyles of 150 million households.

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get link However increase of income can only be achieved by improving the crop yield of farmers, improving price realized through better quality of output, improving efficiency by providing linkage to the markets for the farmers. Seeds can provide these benefits in a sustainable way, so that increasing populations can be fed without additional pressure on natural habitats, and simultaneously provide a much needed fillip to rural incomes and quality of life.

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source link For its contribution towards improving socio-economic conditions of farmers, Nuziveedu Seeds was awarded the “High – Socio Economic Impact Award” by the Jury Committee of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)”, Hyderabad on 15th November ,2011.

* (Census-2011)
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  • Nuziveedu Seeds received “High – Socio Economic Impact Award” by the Jury Committee of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)”, Hyderabad for its contribution for rural development.
  • Generated employment of 26 million hrs i.e. providing employment to 3.25 million people
  • Saving of Grain- By adopting the breakthrough Agronomic innovation optimized paddy seed rate cultivation, a farmer can save 50kg seed per hectare. This concept has potential to save nearly 2.2 million tons of grain per year for the country which can be used to feed our burgeoning population and assure food security to the nation