Retailer Loyalty Program

Retailers are the first interface between farmers and our products. In line with  our continuous improvement philosophy, NSL’s management has initiated the Retailer Loyalty Rewards and Engagement  program for further enhancing the relationship with our channel network. This program was implemented for NSL and its subsidiaries through NSL Vyapara Mitra app in the year 2019-20. From the year 2020-21, the management has taken a decision to provide 6 different Retail Engagement apps separately for NSL and all the subsidiaries.

The 6 Retailer Apps went live in first week of June 2020. They are 1. NSL Vyapara Mitra, 2.  FHSL – Fortune Retailer Rewards, 3. AAGL – Asian Lab Vrudhi, 4. PABL – Prabhat Super Club, 5. PSPL – Pravardhan Profit Promoter and 6. YSPL – Retailer Reach Program.