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Quest 2017- The challenge of change

We have certainly lived up to our name with the incredible success of our All India Accountants meet, the conference was themed “Quest-2017- The challenge of change” 

“The challenge of change” theme was chosen for the current year’s conference as in the past 2 years we witnessed lot of regulatory changes beginning with IND AS, IFC and GST impacting all corners of our business and throwing a challenge to the entire Accounting fraternity hence this Accountant’s conference gave an opportunity for us to network, bounce ideas off one another, and learn from the best speakers.

Accountants must continually adapt to cope with the growing complexity of business standards and to update themselves with all changes brought by regulators. Not to forget it is we ACCOUNTANTS MAKE COMPANIES SUCCESS PUBLIC

The conference was structured around a number of presentations where speakers both internal and external shared their wide ranging expertise with the group of around 100 accountants of our Company. 

Quest 2017 was a 3 day conference: 

Day one kicked off with a motivation speech from our Independent Director Mr. Gopala Krishna Garu and an insight into business and suggestions from our business leaders themselves. We also got an opportunity to invite our Internal and External Auditors to debrief us on latest Audit findings and there suggestions on various improvement areas. 

Day two covered various technical sessions with a brief on the impact it brought to the business covering IND AS, IFC and GST. 

Day three was dedicated for external HR trainers as human resource oversees the people assets of our Company that push and pull an organization toward its goals and objectives. The program was outlined on the concept of “SOAR” with a focus on Time Management, assertive communication and various team building activities, got an over whelming response!

This truly was a meeting of great minds and an opportunity for the NSL’s brightest to share their knowledge, insights and experience. Pan India Team’s presence helped us to make this event a great success and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun, this indeed posed a challenge at us to bring something more and extra in next year’s conference.