Nuziveedu Seeds takes immense pride in producing an extensive range of seed technologies that meet today’s complex agri-business challenges. The scope and the reach of Nuziveedu Seeds products are increased by the company’s strategic alliances with its partners, who have been allies in delivering quality seeds to our customers. Alliances and profitable partnerships have indeed complemented Nuziveedu Seeds strength and helped it grow on to become one of India’s largest seed companies. It has been a win-win situation all around as we leverage experiences and synergies to understand the market better. An interactive alliance fosters a culture of innovation and helps in introducing new and technologies to the market to meet the ever changing preferences and requirements of farmers.


KRIBHCO is one of the nation’s premier agri-related organizations. It initiated the Seed Production Programme in 1990-91 to provide quality seeds to the farmers through Krishi Bikas Shilpa Kendra (“KBSK”) in the state of Punjab, Haryana & U.P. the encouraging response of the farmers towards KRIBHCO seeds has prompted KRIBHCO to extend its activities to 9 other states. As part of this initiative, high quality seeds of different crops are being made available to the farmers through KBSK’s, Cooperative Societies and State Marketing Cooperative Federations in different states. In view of the huge potential of the growing hybrid Seeds business and in synergy with their existing product line, KRIBHCO entered into the marketing of hybrid seeds from 2010 and since then it has been witnessing great response from Farmers Nuziveedu Seeds has a strategic partnership with KRIBHCO which enables it to utilize the organization’s vast network to distribute its high quality hybrid seeds..

Tata Kisan Sansar (TKS) has been established to enable and empower the farmer in creating and generating more value from farm produce. This is done by providing information on new and improved agronomic practices and by facilitating better and more efficient use of agricultural inputs. TKS has been operating as a co-partner of Nuziveedu Seeds in the distribution of hybrid seeds, since 2010.


Coromandel International Limited (“Coromandal”) is a leading company which is engaged in the manufacture of Fertilisers, Speciality Nutrients, Crop Protection and Retail. Coromandel’s retail chains serve to deliver vital agri-inputs like fertilizers, seeds and chemicals to farmers. Therefore on the basis of a symbiotic strategic partnership, Coromandel is operating as a co-marketer of Nuziveedu Seeds since 2008 to distribute the company’s hybrid Seeds.


Yaaganti Seeds Private Limited was established in 1996 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, by Mr. Yaganti Venkateswarlu, a graduate in Agricultural Science and his wife Mrs Y. Aparna. Prior to launching this company the promoters were engaged in the Hybrid seed business under the brand name of “Laxmi Seeds”. Nuziveedu Seeds acquired Yaaganti Seeds Private Limited in the financial year 2010. For more information visit:

Prabhat Agri Biotech Limited (“PABL”) started its operations in 1992 and has since been at the service of the Indian farmer. From its modest beginning as a seed trading company PABL has emerged as a fully integrated seed company in 1995, encompassing R&D, production and sales & marketing of various field and vegetable crops. The proprietary hybrids and varieties of PABL marketed under the brand name of ‘PRABHAT SEEDS’ enjoy wide patronage by the Indian farmer across the country in crops like cotton, maize, paddy,sunflower, pearl Millet (bajra), sorghum (jowar) and Vegetables. PABL has started functioning as a subsidiary of Nuziveedu Seeds from the financial year 2011..

Pravardhan Seeds Private Limited is engaged in the production of hybrid seeds. The company was established in 2008 and is based in Hyderabad, India. Pravardhan Seeds Private Limited has been operating as a subsidiary of Nuziveedu Seeds since the year 2010.