How to Grow - Paddy
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How to Grow

Preparation of Soil
  • Paddy can be grown in any type of soil, which can retain moisture.
  • Weeds can be avoided by preparation of the main field by ploughing, puddling and leveling land before transplantation

  • To prepare seedling in the nursery bed with 200 sq m(5 cents) area for sowing 10 kgs seed/acre for variety and 6 kg/ac for hybrid, the seedbed can be prepared through ploughing and puddling Excess water can be drained out through preparation of 50 cm wide channels on all sides.
  • 20 – 25 days seedlings with 2 seedlings per hill for varieties and 1 seedling/hill for hybrid may be planted with at least 33 hills/sq m in Kharif and 44 hills/sq m in Rabi.
  • For better sunlight and aeration to crop an alley of 20 cms for every 2 m of planting should be provided with a shallow depth of 2-3 cms.

Fertilizer application
  • Fertilizers 50:20:20 kg NPK per acre during kharif and 60:25:25 kg NPK/acre during Rabi is generally recommended, but can be modified based on soil tests.
  • 1/3rd Nit rogen fertilizers should be applied in the final puddling , approximately 30 days after planting and at the primordial initiation (60-70) days after planting. While pudding the entire phosphatic fertilizers can be applied @ 20 kg/ac during kharif and 25kg/ac during rubi.
  • Potash @ 20kg/ac can be applied during pudding. In heavy soils Potash @ 20 kg/ac and in light soils & Potash @ 25 kg/ac ac can be appied. It can be applied in spilt doses along with Nitrogenous fertilizers.
  • Zinc can be applied during alternative kharif season @ 20kg Znso4/ac in the final pudding before planting. In saline areas, 100 kg Zinc Sulphate or 10 kg Chelated Zinc may be applied.

  • For growing paddy crop, it is not necessary to have a water flooded field, but there should be enough moisture in soil.
  • Critical stages for irrigation are Tillering, Panicle initiation, Heading and Flowering

Crop Management
  • Weed Control Weed growth can be prevented by applying 500 ml of Pretalachlor or 35 gms of Topstar/acre 2-3 days after planting or 4 kg of Butachlor + 4 kg of 2, 4 – DEE/ acre can be applied and mixed in 30 kg of sand 3-5 days after planting to prevent monocots and dicots if it is a problem.
  • For direct seeded rice pre-emergence application Pendimethalin 1 ltr. or Topstar 35 gms/acre may be applied 3 days after sowing at adequate soil moisture. Pest Management – Stemborer Choloropyriphos (1.5 ml) or Monocrotophos (1.6 ml) or Phosphamidon (2.0 ml) or Acephate (1.5g) or Cartap Hydrochloride (2g)/ltr of water should be sprayed or 8 kg Cartap Hydrochloride 46 granules or 10 kg Carbofuran 36 granules can be applied. Disease mgt – Blast Triciclyzole, Kasugamycin 2 ml or ISO prothiolane 1.5 ml mixed in one litre watercan be sprayed

Harvesting, Storage and Drying
  • To get best milling recovery the crop should be harvested 30 days after flowering and dried in shade.