Nuziveedu Seeds receives ‘Bio Excellence Award – 2013’ from Govt. of Karnataka

NSL Group’s flagship company, Nuziveedu Seeds, the largest Indian Seeds company has received ‘Bio Excellence Award for the year 2013’ from the Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka. Our beloved Chairman Mr. M Prabhakar Rao, received the award at an award ceremony held as part of the ‘Bangalore India BIO 2014’ event in Bengaluru.

Speaking about the honour, Chairman said “we are proud to be honored with ‘Bio Excellence Award 2013’. We attribute this success largely on the emphasis we place on research and innovation in our company. Nuziveedu Seeds has made giant strides in the last decade with a distinctive and well defined focus on introducing new hybrids in cotton, corn, rice and vegetables that benefit – farmers significantly through higher yields and superior quality produce.

For several years, Nuziveedu Seeds has been the market leader in the Bt cotton seed segment. The company offers more than 340 hybrid seeds and varieties of 30 field crops and vegetables to Indian farmers through its extensive sales and distribution network in 17 states across India.

Some More Pictures of the Event