Bar Coding Technology

Nuziveedu Seeds has started to implement the Bar coding technology for making better track of inventory
For better tracking of the large inventory movement, Nuziveedu Seeds is now among one of the early starters to implement the Barcode technology in seed industry. Barcode is an automatic identification technology structured to contain a specific piece of information which allows real-time data to be collected accurately and rapidly.

Nuziveedu Seeds has initiated the operation in first week of March 2012 with first implementation in cotton crop. As of now Nuziveedu Seeds is using all the modules of SAP for data managing. Integration of barcode technology with computer and SAP application software will definitely improve company’s performance, productivity and profitability.

Nuziveedu Seeds is having a plan to use this technology for both the primary & secondary packaging for all the crops. The company is having a strong will to get the advantage of Quick and error free entry of access and membership codes, total integrity of collected data which will avoid piling up of data entry work for counter staff & will lead to easy stock verification.