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Mega Okra MYNA 24 Crop show, Vyara, Gujarat – 06/06/2017

Okra Myna-24 is a new hybrid released by Nuziveedu seed ltd, which is promising in terms of disease tolerance both for ELCV & YVMV, tender green fruit with good heat set, more fruit Weight, more number of pickings resulting in high yield.

Okra is one of the major crops in Gujarat among the entire vegetable crop profile. Among the districts in Gujarat state, Tapi district is having a very good potentiality of Okra crop cultivation. As a new product development initiative we have demonstrated the product in major potential markets of Gujarat like Vyara in Tapi district with the cooperation of progressive farmers. The outcome is excellent as expected and farmers are very happy with the product quality and other desired parameters. As a part of product promotional activity initiative we have conducted a “Mega crop show” in Vyara and show cased out product to around 200 farmers.

What farmer opine about Myna-24:

The Farmers are very much impressed with the tender with tender green colored fruits. They have opined that tolerance for ELCV and YVMV is excellent. Farmers are also happy about the plant type, short internodal distance of “NSL Okra hybrid Myna-24” with more no of picking and finally higher yield than the competitor product.