Cake cutting and Product launch program of Danvir-1368, at Prakash beej bhandar, Mainpuri (UP).

Good news for the farmers cultivating maize!
A new hybrid Maize Danvir 1368 was released by Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Company through digital platform in which more than 5000 farmers participated online. The event was broadcast live on social media such as YouTube and Facebook.

Addressing the farmers, the officials of Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Company highlighted the specialty of hybrid maize.
He said that the new hybrid Maize Danvir 1368 is ready in 110 to 115 days.

This new hybrid variety of maize will give more benefit to Danvir farmers as it gives good price in the market due to large grains and good quality of grains.

The officials of Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Company encouraged the farmers to do modern scientific farming and informed about the timely management of diseases and pests and fertilizer management.

In summary, Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Company’s Hybrid Maize Danir will bring great benefits to the farmers planting maize during the summer season including higher yields.